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Hellooooo people!!! πŸ’•

I hope you’re doing well and are filled with enthusiasm for Christmas and New year!!! πŸŒ€

We proudly announce that another poetry contest is being organised by us!! 🌸

⚑ Rules:

1. Participant must be a follower of our blog. ( If you do not use WordPress, you can still follow us by entering your email ID )

2. Participant must share this post on their blog.

3. Participant can share their entry on our blog, or on their blog and comment the link below, or send us through an email on the email ID given at the end of this post.

4. Use #SIWOPC in your post title and in the subject of the email.

🌈 No theme this time! Write whatever your heart calls for and create magic 🌈

🌸 Contestants from around the globe are invited 🌸

☘️ Winners will be given badges and…

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Acceptance is beautiful sometimes β€β€

πŸ₯πŸ₯ Wearing a cloak of toughness in front of your loved ones don’t make you acceptable …but only grow you apart because they don’t judge you for your flaws and problems ..they always love you no matter how messed up your life is . πŸ₯πŸ₯

– Preeti Gusain

Break free πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

I’m not holding up
this pain anymore
as I don’t see you
at the end of the shore.

This dream of ‘us’
was always a surmise
You played your mind games
tricked me into compromise.

I caressed your flaws
like waves in the sea
while you asked me to leave
what was part of me.

I gave my heart to you
but you crumpled my freedom
and when I asked for a hault
the hate in you blossomed.

Your grasp became the chains
as you clenched me to the floor
so it’s time to break free
and leave you to implore.


Success Inspirers' World

🌿 SIWO proudly announces that a poetry contest is being organised !! 🌿

Are you a writer?

Do you have a dream life?

Can you paint it’s picture with your words ?

🌸 If your answer is Yes , then be ready to showcase your talent !! 🌸

Theme for the contest: My Dream Life.

Deadline : 25 October, 2018


1. Participant must be a follower of SIW blog.

2. Only one entry per blogger.

3. The poem must be on the theme decided.

4. Participant has to share his/her poem on our blog page ( with #SIWOPC in the title ). Or can comment the link to their
poem ( should have #SIWOPC too ) in the comments section.

5. Winner will be decided on the basis of poem content, creativity, and likes and comments on the post.

6. The participant has to share the poetry contest…

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