It was dark and she was alone. The streets were deserted like everyone was gone. She heard some footsteps and they felt wrong As she turned back someone rushed along. He intended to rape her , her heart filled with fear she screamed so loud but no one was near. She fumbled in the dark … More Fight


I know it’s hard, and the pain is real. I felt your struggle, and it was so surreal. If down you fall, I’ll lift you up. Don’t loose me in the dark, just a hold is enough. And when you feel downbeat, come and look for me. For the door leading to bliss, I’ll be … More HOPE

You’ll be fine

Don’t you worry If you are not strong today And don’t focus on people Because they have lot to say You can’t make everyone happy This is the truth of life Even if they say ‘Yes’ today Tomorrow they’ll be the one to deny So don’t give up your hopes And get ready to stun … More You’ll be fine


It showed her grace , her jawline, her face . She was the beauty of that space , that everyone intend to chase . So she flies above and rise , to get in everyone’s eyes. The higher she flies , within rumors she get ties . Those praises were a disguise , what they … More Mirror